Ghana: Sanction fit comot 5000 jobs

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Image example Ghanaians dey listen to radio well-well; dis football fan dey hear match between Nigeria and Ghana

Minority party for Ghana don draw ear say like 5,000 people fit no get job again, after di National Communications Authority (NCA) punish about 131 radio stations for different law wey dem break.

Di sanctions bin get plenty type; dem close some of di stations, while na heavy money others go need pay before dem fit dey operate dey go.

Local media say dis warning dey for statement wey lawmakers from di National Democratic Congress write - and na di Minority spokesperson on communications, Alhassan Bashir Fuseini sign am.

Di statement say NCA no think of di bad-bad things wey fit happen now; and dem suppose remember say radio stations dey contribute to Ghana democracy.

"If dis action continue, e go only worsen di dangerous unemployment situation wey dey ground; and e go add to di suffer wey don already dey on top Ghanaians dem head."

Dem collect di license of 34 out of di 131 stations, because those ones continue to dey operate even though their permit don expire finish.

But 13 other stations get amnesty from NCA; dis one mean say dem pardon dem.

Na 30 days dem give other stations, make dem settle all di money wey dem dey owe NCA, and do all di documents wey di Authority don ask dem for.

Popular stations dey among those wey chop heavy fine, na Radio XYZ, Atinka FM, Radio Gold and Atlantis Radio.

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