DR Congo: Military plane crash don kill 12 people

N'djili airport for Kinshasa, Congo. Image copyright Getty Images
Image example Na only crew members bin dey inside di plane.

One military cargo plane for Kinshasa wey be di capital of Democratic Republic of Congo crash on Saturday 30 September and e kill 12 crew members.

"I confirm say na military plane crash dis morning", di Defence Minister Crispin Atama Tabe talk.

Di minister still confirm say di crash kill all di 12 crew members wey dey inside di plane.

One army officer wey see di accident talk say di cargo plane bin catch fire after e take off from di N'djili Airport wey dey Kinshasa.

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Di army officer wey no gree talk im name say na both Congo people and some people wey no be Congolese follow for those wey die.

One agent wey dey work for Congo aviation agency say di plane bin dey go di eastern city of Bukavu.

Immediately di accident happen, e tey small before anybodi sabi di number of people wey die and wound as soldiers bin no wan give tori people chance for di area where di crash happen.

Director for di airport, Georges Tabora say di plane bin get small technical wahala almost immediately after e take off before e come lose radio contact with di control tower.

No passenger dey di plane wen e crash.

Another thing we de for inside dis tori