Nigeria @57: Buhari jollificate with soldiers

Buhari BBC Pidgin Image copyright Presidency Nigeria/Twitter
Image example President Buhari just enter di country, after months of treatment wey im do for overseas

Nigeria President Muhammadu Buhari don make history as di first president to carry Independence day ceremony comot di nation capital wey be Abuja.

President Buhari waka go Maiduguri, Borno state, go mark di military ceremonies dem of Nigeria 57th anniversary with di armed forces.

Local media say di occasion special because Maiduguri, na where soldiers don tanda for years, dey fight against Boko Haram militants, wey US don declare as terrorist group since 2013.

Statement wey Buhari office carry come out talk say di President do all dis one to honour di "courage and sacrifice" of di armed forces dem.

Di ceremony show display of military weapon and air power for inside di Maimalari Military Cantonment, and di president put eye, inspect di military guard of honor.

For speech wey im give na im President Buhari say di armed forces dpmn try for di country well-well, as dem don "record successes" for di fight against terrorism for North-East and lawlessness for di Niger Delta areas dem of di country.

"You must stand for your country. If Nigeria break, na una go be di first line of losers," na wetin di president talk, as e say di civil war wey two million people die, nor suppose repeat imself.

President Buhari and im entourage wey include senior service chiefs still put eye on top soldiers wey wound; tori be say dem visit these ones inside special tent.

Image copyright Presidency Nigeria/Twitter

Buhari set record

Wetin President Buhari do don change di way tori bin dey flow about how leaders no dey like go there with their eyes to see wetin dey happen there, and di fight-fight wey Boko Haram don use scatter di place.

UN say bombings don destroy at least 1,400 schools, while 2,000 pickin dem fit still dey inside hand of Boko Haram, according to Amnesty International.

Dis na also because former president Goodluck Jonathan don cancel visit to di region at least two times in two year.

For May 2014, Jonathan cancel meeting wey e suppose get with parents of school pickin dem wey Boko Haram kidnap, and on February 2015 na still di same way e no show face when im bin plan to go do campaign for re-election for Yobe state.

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