Cameroon internet cut; 30 fit don die

Riot police patrol for streets for Buea Image copyright AFP
Image example Riot police patrol for streets for Buea

Internet don shut down for Cameroon English-speaking areas, as clashes dey continue between security forces and protesters from dis region wey dey find Independence.

Na BBC tori person for Bamenda says di city dey on lockdown now; no car or people sef dey di streets.

Authorities bin don still block Internet for three months early dis year, after di same kain protest.

Tension still dey Cameroon English-speaking regions where some people say dem want independence; John Fru Ndi, di country main opposition leader tell BBC say im believe say up to 30 people fit don die for clashes with security forces wey start on Sunday 1 October.

Today, for di southwest and northwest regions people still dey try to go out go demonstrate, even though heavy police and military presence dey.

For Bamenda, wey dey di northwest, tori be say youths gather for petrol station, dey face riot police wey don dey release tear gas to try scatter dem.

Paul Biya wey be President of Cameroon don condemn di violence wey kill at least eight people, still leave at least 50 others with injury.

So far, na about 200 people dem don arrest; tear gas and live bullets na im police and military officials use for di two regions

"I strongly condemn all acts of violence, and e no matter where di tori come from or who do am," na wetin president Biya talk.

"Make I make am very clear: e dey forbidden to voice any concerns for di Republic. However, we no go achieve anything great if we dey use mouth dey talk anyhow, street violence, and dey so strong head for authority. Na only by talking peacefully we go get lasting solution to our problems."

Di mayor for one town of Kumbo tell BBC say five of di people wey die na prisoners wey dem shoot after one jail catch fire.

People bin dey protest on di 56th anniversary wey di regions join Cameroon.

Activists bin don say make dem release prisoners wey dem bin arrest for protests wey happen last year.

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Image example Last week, government bin send extra 1000 security go where dem wan protest

Cameroon dey into two, di English and French-speaking regions, after Britain and France colonise di country after World War One.

Na for 1961 dem join both regions - but di English-speakers dey accuse di French majority say dem no dey look dia side.

Di mayor of Kumbo, Donatus Njong Fonyuy, say di flag of one group wey one break away, don stand for some important places for di town.

Other demonstrations bin happen for other parts of English-speaking Cameroon.

Image example Cameroon bin ban public meeting for di English-speaking regions.

People wey dey protest do big sign as dem carry mouth talk say dem don get independence, na wetin AFP tori people talk.

People wey dey support di government do dia own protest say make di country stay together, and e happen for di city of Douala.

For early last week, Cameroon bin ban meeting for public and travel for di English-speaking regions.

Protests from di English-speaking people wey be say dem no plenty, bin start last year on top say dem no dey give dem top civil service jobs, and say dem force di French language and legal system for dia head.

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