Tanzanian President dey collect $4,000 per month

Tanzanian president John Magufuli Image copyright AFP

Nine million shillings ($4,008, £3,030), dat na wetin Tanzanian President John Magufuli dey collect as salary every month.

Di amount small pass wetin di former president Jakaya Kikwete been dey collect.

President Magufuli talk dis one for live television for speech to Association of Local Authorities as im dey draw attention on top im fight against corruption.

Image copyright DANIEL HAYDUK/ Getty image
Image example President John Magufuli

Magufuli, wey im nickname be 'Bulldozer' because of di way im dey run im government, say "some board members dey like to travel go Dubai to go do meeting so dem go fit collect plenty money for allowance".

Mr Magufuli enter office for 2015 and im like to dey do surprise visit for government organizations for di country to expose people wey no dey come work.

Last year, na one opposition member of parliament challenge di president make im talk how much im dey collect for salary. Im also say di president suppose to dey pay tax.

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