Nigeria: Oga don get 40 years jail for corruption

EFCC official sidon dey look money wey dem carry for person house Image copyright EFCC
Image example EFCC don recover plenty money wey dem say former government officials hide put for house

Di fight against corruption for Nigeria don reach another level for Tuesday 3 October 2017.

Dis na because one Federal High Court don jail one former government oga for 40 years because of corruption.

Di court say Professor Adefemi Gunbodede, wey be former Director-General for Institute of Agriculture Research and Training for Ibadan, Oyo State misuse 177 million Naira ($321,429).

Na di Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC), government agency wey dey in-charge of fight against corruption carry case go court come win.

Justice Nathaniel Ayo-Emmanuel, wey be di High Court Judge, talk say Gunbodede remove money from government purse take do another tin.

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Image example Corruption fight for Nigeria na one of di big things wey government dey take beat dia chest since President Muhammadu Buhari become president for May 2015.

According to EFCC, trouble start when Academic staff Union for di institute write petition against di former Director-General on December 17, 2012

Di petitioners accuse Ogunbodede say im lie when im claim say im don spend 115 million Naira ($315,934) to pay hazard allowance to some of dia members for December 2013, dem also claim say im spend 15 million Naira ($41,608) to harvest crops whereas investigation show say na only 800, 000 Naira ($2,198) dem use harvest di crops.

Gunbodede plus other 3 people dem wey EFCC carry go court since June 16, 2014 say dem no dey guilty.

If dem no appeal dis case, e go be di longest jail time wey court for Nigeria go give any senior government official wey dem find guilty on top corruption matter.

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