Nigeria: Some embassies don spoil finish

door Nigeria embassy London Image copyright Peter Macdiarmid
Image example Dis na di Nigeria embassy for London, UK; one of di country best embassies

Nigeria senators don dey very worried about di financial crises wey many of di country embassies dey face.

Di lawmakers say di way wey di embassies take scatter, nothing dey happen there and how workers sef no dey get their salary no good for Nigeria image.

Na senator Tijjani Yahaya Kaura say some of di countries where di embassies dey, don dey threaten to withdraw building permit for di embassies because of di poor conditions.

How far with di services?

No be only di embassy buildings and their workers dey complain. Many Nigerians wey dey live for different countries dey also vex about all di different palava wey dem dey face for embassies and passport matter.

For US, Nigerians dey complain how e dey almost impossible to renew their Nigeria passport once e don expire.

Augustine Osuocha na citizen of both countries wey apply for renewal of im Nigerian passport since April, but after more than five months, e say im never get am because di embassy for Washington DC say dem no get 32-page booklet to give am.

To enter Nigeria now, e dey use im US passport, with Nigeria visa inside.

Image copyright Twitter/Govt of Nigeria
Image example Di thing don vex some Nigerians sotay dem enter Twitter go complain for government say di embassy for South Africa no get Nigerian passport

Another challenge wey Nigerian citizens dey face for passport matter na say, Nigeria embassies dey use proxies to do passport renewal.

Proxies na agents wey embassies dey give authority to stand between dem and people wey want passport.

Di palava for those wey dey cry out be say information no dey flow like e suppose.

Na all dis matter di senators say dem fit begin put eye inside.

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