Nigeria: 16 people don die for River Niger boat accident

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Nigeria: Boat accident kill 16 people

Sixteen people don die after one passenger boat sink inside River Niger today for Kebbi state northwest Nigeria.

Emergency workers talk say dem still dey search for more dead body and di number of people wey die fit increase.

Nobody know how many people survive di accident but so far dem don see three people wey survive.

Di boat bin carry 60 passengers before e jam one tree wey dey for di middle of di river wey make di boat sink.

Di passengers bin dey come from Jelbabu village to go Teteku near Yauri for Kebbi state.

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Image example Dis kain passenger boat na im dem dey use on top River Niger

River Niger na one of di two major rivers wey divide the north from southern Nigeria and e dey common to hear say boat sink or people die or loss for di river.

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