Wetin be di security wahala wey dey happen for Mali?

Mali Soldier dey pose with gun Image copyright Getty Images

Di way security parole dey go for Mali e fit turn to palava.

Na terrorist attack dem and fight-fight amongst local groups dey cause dis security palava.

According to one United Nations report, di security situation in Mali don bad well-well.

Di report say Islamic attacks don double for di past four months.

Even sef di UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres say na so attacks increase against peacekeepers and local soldiers.

How E go affect West Africa?

As e be so, di security headache for di region dey spread fast.

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Image example Soldier from di United Nations Multi-dimensional Integrated Stabilization Mission inside Mali
  • Cameroon get palava for Boko Haram attack and people wey wan comot to form dia own country for southern Cameroon.
  • Togo no dey peaceful because of di 'Faure Gnassingbe Must Go' protest.
  • Nigeria still dey battle with Boko Haram and people wey wan comot go form Biafra for southeast of di country.
  • Chad and Niger also get di security headache on top Boko Haram.

All dis security palava dem fit spoil di chances wey ECOWAS - di join body of west African countries- get to win dis year Nobel peace prize.

Dis na because if you look am well, different country dem for di area get security palava wey mean say peace no dey for di whole of West Africa

Wetin dey inside di UN report?

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For di report, Antonio Guterres say since June dis year, extremist groups, JNIM - wey be one jihadist join body wey get connection with al-Qaeda, don carry out 75 attacks against soldiers from Mali, France and UN mostly inside northern region for Mali.

Mr Guterres ask for more money and equipment to support di peacekeepers for di region.

Im also say im disappoint say local groups wey dey carry guns don start again after dem bin sign peace agreement.

In fact, di United Nations Security Council go discuss di Security palava wey dey for Mali today.

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