Wetin you suppose know about monkeypox virus

Monkeypox blister Image copyright Getty Images
Image example For 1997, monkeypox outbreak happen for DR Congo wey affect up to 500 people

As latest tori dey comot say monkeypox virus don show for Bayelsa state, south-south Nigeria, many people don dey fear say make e no catch dem.

For Bayelsa, di commissioner for health, Professor Ebitimitula Nicholas Etebu confam say up to 10 people dey under quarantine for hospital and dem dey follow 49 wey dem suspect fit don catch am.

So na wetin you suppose know about Monkeypox?

  • Where dem first find am: Dem first see monkeypox for human being for Democratic Republic of Congo for one 9-year-old pickin. After dat time dem still find am for rural, rainforest side of Congo Basin and West Africa. One time for 1996-1997, major outbreak happen for DR Congo.
  • How e take dey spread: Monkeypox fit infect human being through biting or if rashes or di animal body fluid touch person. Di disease fit also move from person to person through touching of contaminated things like cloth.
  • E no be Ebola: Even as two of dem be virus and na from animal e dey affect person, monkeypox no dey as dangerous. Di number of people wey monkeypox dey kill na from 1% to 10%.
  • How e dey show for bodi: Symptoms of monkeypox na fever, rashes for di whole bodi wey get pus inside, muscle pain and tiredness. On top dis one, person fit get diarrhoea, lymph node wey don swell, sore throat, and wound for mouth. Symptoms fit bad for up to one week, after dat time di rashes go dey hard like wound.
  • E get treatment?: No. Medicine wey dey treat am no dey and no vaccine for monkeypox virus, but dem fit control di outbreak. Di vaccine wey dem been dey use for smallpox dey work before-before but dem no dey use am again because smallpox disease no dey for di world.
  • No be only monkey carry am: Di virus no dey for only inside monkey, for Africa dem don find di virus inside animals like rope squirrels, tree squirrels and Gambian rats. For United States of America dem don find di virus for prairie dogs.

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