Kenya don start maize subsidy before election

Harvest of maize Image copyright SIMON MAINA/Getty Images
Image example Maize don scarce for Kenya since April dis year

President Uhuru Kenyatta of Kenya don announce say im government go bring back maize subsidy wey dem bin stop after di general election of August.

Di president say im care about di people, and dem wan do dis one to help Kenyans with di high prices of food.

According to President Kenyatta: ''di subsidized maize flour program go lower di price of 2kg pack of maize flour from $1.5 to $0.90.''

Why government dey subsidize maize?

Maize na staple food, e mean say na di common food wey most people dey chop for Kenya.

As harvest of di crop no good dis year for Kenya, dis wan make am scarce; as e no dey everywhere, na so di price also go up.

Government bin dey import maize from Mexico to meet up with demand but e no reach.

Image copyright SIMON MAINA/Getty Images
Image example Dis no be di first time wey Kenya go dey struggle with maize scarcity

People bin criticise government say dem no plan well-well for shortage of maize but dem reply say di reason di situation bad as e be na because Kenyans no dey too chop other food like wheat wey dey fit survive pass maize for harsh weather.

Government first introduce di subsidy issue for May, but dem come stop am after di election wey happen for August.

Dem don re-introduce am now, after Supreme court cancel di election wey put Mr Kenyatta as winner.

New elections go happen around three weeks time, on 26 October.

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