La Niña weather fit bring drought and flooding come Africa

Farmer dey walk for dry land Image copyright Valerie Batselaere
Image example Places like Somaliland don already suffer plenty dry weather wey cause serious food shortage and hunger

Di La Niña weather dey normally affect countries wey dey for pacific areas like Australia, Indonesia and countries for Latin America.

But dis year, di weather for Southern African countries fit bring heavy rain wey pass wetin dem expect.

For East Africa, di countries there fit see very dry conditions pass normal.

Image copyright Stevie Mann
Image example Sierra Leone, DR Congo and Nigeria don already get flooding. Dis people for Malawi dey try avoid flood water.

Dis na di warning wey di World Meteorological Organisation (WMO) don carry come today.

Farmers for all over Africa fit see say di kain weather pattern wey La Niña go bring fit affect dia crops.

Although di WMO also talk say e fit no strong reach as dem dey fear because e don already happen last year so dis year own fit dey weak.

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