100 Women: Female leaders dey improve other women life?

Ellen Johnson Sirleaf Image copyright SEYLLOU
Image example Ellen Johnson Sirleaf na di first elected female president for Africa

Women leaders dey try break barrier and do things wey before now, people no believe say dem fit do.

Gist now be say for different parts of di world, women don dey represent well-well for leadership position.

Today, na about 15 women dey for power, eight of dem na first woman president for their country.

Dis 15 dey represent less than 10% of di 193 countries wey dey United Nations.

But as dis one dey happen so and dem dey climb ladder of power, dem dey help oda women for their country?

Image copyright Sean Gallup
Image example Hilary Clinton bin try to break dat barrier but e no work because she lose US presidential election to Donald Trump.

At di moment, di number of women wey don enter power all over di world don reach like double for di past years.

As all dis women leaders dey progress dey go, dem dey carry other women follow body?

One 2012 study of thousands of Indian adolescents and their parents find out say if village get female leader, e dey give strong hope to young women for di village.

Na normal thing say parents for India dey always get higher hope for their son pass di daughters.

But once any village get female leader for two election back-to-back, parents dey appreciate dia daughters more.

E hard to make any strong connection on whether women leaders dey improve quality of life of their fellow women.

Image copyright DIPTENDU DUTTA
Image example One study find out say girls with women leaders get higher hope for demselves.

Dis na because di way dem dey take see women don better for almost all di countries pass as e bin dey before - e no matter if di country get female leader or not.

Also, as dem newly elect many of dis women or some of dem no too tey for leadership position, e dey difficult to measure how their decision dey affect things.

But evidence wey dey ground show say women fit crack the glass-ceiling, ginger and give hope to their fellow women and make am easy for their countries to give dem better quality of life.

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