Charles Taylor still dey control things for Liberia?

Charles Taylor photographed in May 1990 in Buchanan, Liberia Image copyright AFP

Di former President for Liberia, Charles Taylor dey cool body for prison for Durham wey dey for United Kingdom.

Im dey do 50 years for prison after United Nations Tribunal for di Hague say im commit war crimes for Sierra Leone.

But e fit be say, even as im dey prison for far away UK so, im still dey put hand inside Liberia election wey go happen next Tuesday?

Image example Dis building na Charles Taylor's former rebel base for Gbartala in Liberia

Football and politics

People no expect say former world footballer of the year George Weah, who dey contest presidential election for di third time, go chose Taylor's former wife, Jewel Howard Taylor, to be im deputy.

Dis na because, before-before, Weah dey always criticise Taylor and im National Patriotic Party (NPP).

So people dey ask, 'how far?'.

Image copyright EPA
Image example George Weah and Jewel Howard Taylor don dey campaign together all over di country

Di join bodi wey oga Weah's Congress for Democratic Change (CDC) and di NPP do happen just before dem play one phone call wey Taylor do to im supporters wey gather to celebrate im birthday for January this year.

Di call na from inside one high-security prison for Durham in UK.

Im advise him supporters make dem no betray di party, say make dem go back go base, say everything go dey fine. Im say di revolution be im life.

Image example Bong be Taylor 'area', many of di people wey dey live there still feel say di time when Taylor be president better pass as e be now

Rodney Sieh, di editor for Front Page Africa - the Liberian paper wey carry di phone call tori - talk say im sure say Taylor been know say people go hear di call.

"Im still want make people hear im voice" for wetin dey happen for Liberian politics. Na so Sieh talk.

Mr Weah tell BBC say true-true, im talk to Taylor for phone for inside prison.

But im deny say na di former president dey run things.

"Charles Taylor no dey run di campaign for us,".

"If Charles Taylor dey campaign for me, I think say di whole world go know." Na wetin Weah talk.

Weah also defend im decision to make Taylor's former wife im deputy, because: "People love am, she been di mama of dis nation.

How Taylor's life take waka

  • 1989: Im start rebellion for Liberia
  • 1991: Revolutionary United Front (RUF) rebellion start for Sierra Leone
  • 1997: Dem vote am Liberia president after peace deal for 1995
  • 1999: Rebels start fight against Taylor
  • June 2003: Dem order Taylor arrest; two months later im comot from office and run go Nigeria go live
  • March 2006: Dem arrest am and send am go Sierra Leone after im try to escape
Image copyright AFP
  • June 2007: Im case start for di Hague sake of security concern
  • April 2012: Court say im dey guilty of supporting war crimes - dem come sentence am go 50 years for jail
  • Oct 2013: Im land for UK to continue im prison sentence
  • Feb 2017: Im call im political paddy dem from inside UK maximum prison where im dey

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