Nigeria: How you go take know say dis na Monkeypox

Monkeypox virus for person hand Image copyright Alamy
Image example Monkeypox virus fit make person sick with 3 signs

Monkeypox infection na disease wey no dey happen anyhow and di first time e enter Nigeria na for 1970s.

But on 1 October 2017 na im fresh case of di disease happen again for Bayelsa State, Southern Nigeria but nobody don die.

Na animals first carry di disease give human dem, e even hard to see person-wey transfer di disease give another person.

Di animal wey dey always carry di disease na squirrel, rat and sometimes, monkey.

How you go take know say na monkeypox?

Number one thing wey sabi people don talk be say monkeypox no be Ebola ( e no even resemble am at all)

E fit be like smallpox .

According to Nigeria Centre for Disease Control, monkeypox virus fit make person sick with some signs like;

  • Skin rash
  • Fever
  • Jaw pain wey go make di person jaw swell.

Monkeypox dey kill?

Head of Nigeria Centre for Disease Control, Chikwe Ihekweazu, talk say all di times wey monkeypox don spread enter Nigeria, na only 1 to10% fit die on top di sickness.

Di centre also add say no special medicine dey to treat di disease, but if dem provide better and serious care for di person, most patients dey recover fast.

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Image example Woman wey dey sell bush meat in Nigeria

How to avoid di disease?

To avoid monkeypox virus, sabi people dey advice say make people avoid bush meat and bush animals like squirrel, bush rat, monkey and other wild animal, especially animals wey dey sick or die for area where monkeypox disease happen.

Even sef, e good make person dey always wash hands with soap and water after person touch animals or sick relative human or bed wey dey wet of wetin you no know.

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