2018 Election: Liberians dey wait for tomorrow

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Image example Alexander Cummings na Liberian businessman wey enter street, do campaign on October 7 for Monrovia

Liberians don hear all di things wey candidates wan talk and now, dem go use today to think who dem wan vote for tomorrow.

Campaign end on Sunday as people wey wan replace President Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf go hope say dem don convince people say na dem be di best person for president.

Voting go start tomorrow Tuesday 10 October and di main people wey dey campaign na Vice-President Joseph Boakai, Alexander Cummings, wey be millionaire wey get leg inside one world-famous soft drinks company, former football player George Weah and Charles Brumskine wey don tanda for long time as opposition leader

Na over two million voters suppose press hand to choose who go replace Ms Johnson-Sirleaf, and hopes dey high say dem go get leader wey go help di economy and make sure say peace remain.

Voters go also choose members of di House of Representatives.

Ms Johnson-Sirleaf dey step down from office, after 12 years inside power.

During di week wey pass, na Mr Weah and Mr Cummings don dey campaign dey go.

Among all di 20 candidates, na only one woman dey di race; MacDella Cooper be model before-before, but now she dey do humanitarian work.

Local media dey report say Ms Cooper fit no too get mouth or popularity with di people.

Eye don full Liberia bodi

Dis election dey important sotay join-bodi of countries inside Africa like di African Union and di Economic Community of West African States don send observers wey go put eye, make sure say di election dey free and fair, without fight-fight.

Outside di continent too, di European Union go get 81 observers, wey don come from different countries for Europe to put eye sef for Liberia bodi.

Tori be say dis go be di first election wey na Liberia police and army go handle security, without any support from United Nations peacekeepers.

Meanwhile, Maria Arena, di chief observer for di European Union don add mouth on top other matter dem. She tell tori people for di capital Monrovia say dis elections dem na big test to know whether true-true, Liberia don grow as democracy.

"To move peacefully from one president wey dem elect to another one dey important not only for Liberia, but na also example for di region," na wetin Arena talk.

Dis elections go be di third time wey Liberia don vote for new president and lawmakers after di war, and di first time wey one democratically-elected president go hand over power to di same elected leader.

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Image example Former international Liberian football star George Weah do im own campaign for Monrovia on October 6

George Weah dey everybodi mouth - for another reason

Di candidate wey dey news for different reasons recently na Mr Weah, and na because of im connection to former President Charles Taylor, wey dey serve 50 years for prison inside United Kingdom, after United Nations Tribunal for di Hague say im commit war crimes for Sierra Leone.

Some people dey surprise say Weah, wey dey contest presidential election for di third time, go choose Mr Taylor former wife wey be Jewel Howard Taylor, as im deputy.

Dis na because, before-before, Weah dey always talk say im dey against Mr Taylor and im National Patriotic Party (NPP).

Mr Weah bin tell BBC say true-true, im don talk to Mr Taylor with phone as dat one dey inside prison, but e say di former president no dey control im campaign at all.

But na on Friday 6 October na im Mr Weah deny everything, begin tell tori people say "I no dey in contact with Charles Taylor; make I repeat am - I am not."

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