Ghana: Seven people don die for explosion

Incident at Accra's natural gas station
Image example Work still dey go on to clean up di area and treat those wey wound.

Di number of people wey die don increase to seven, after heavy explosions destroy one natural gas station for Accra, Ghana carry big fire wey still leave more than thirty others with injuries.

Di Vice President, Mahamudu Bawumia don go see victims for hospital and im say government go make sure say dis kain thing no happen again.

Spokesperson for di Ghana National Fire Service wey be Billy Anaglate na im confirm di number.

Im bin tell BBC say dis type of gas explosions dey happen from time to time for Ghana.

'If you put eye well-well, inside dis matter, you go find out say dem for fit prevent dis explosions if people bin dey careful to obey di laws wey dey cover how to handle gas like dis. But we believe say many people no dey obey di safety measures wey dey ground on top how to offload di gas."

BBC tori person Thomas Naadi report say na two separate explosions na im those wey dey di area bin hear; fire from di gas station spread go one petrol station wey near di area, come make things worse.

Dis latest blasts dem send fire enter sky, wey force area people to run quick-quick from di Atomic Junction area, wey dey north-east of di city.

Tori be say di whole thing happen around 19:30 GMT on 7 October, when one tanker wey bin dey deliver natural gas, catch fire.

Ghana Fire service, police and military na im run come to help people.

Around dat time na im Ghana Chief Fire Officer, Ekow Blankson, tell BBC say e dey difficult for dem to off di fire.

"Na gas, no be liquid; unless dis gas don burn out, dis fire no go stop," na wetin im bin talk.

But later for night, na im all di security personnel come dey able to control di fire.

For June 2015, na about 150 people die after fire catch one petrol station for Accra.

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