Liberia Election: We answer una questions dem

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Image example Na over two million voters don register for dis elections; dis woman show her card for Liberia 2011 elections

Liberia na im give Africa her first democratically-elected female president wey be Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf; now things fit change, from October 10.

Dis na answer to some questions wey you fit get:

How e be say Madam Johnson-Sirleaf siddon for office for 12 years?

Liberia no be like most African countries wey dey get 4-year terms; dem Presidential and vice-presidential candidates dey run join-bodi ticket wey dey give dem six-years for each term. So na only two terms na im Mrs Johnson-Sirleaf bin serve, before she need to step down.

She no go fit run for third term, like President Paul Kagame of Rwanda?

No. Dem no dey let President and Vice-President siddon for office pass two terms, of six years each. So Mrs Johnson-Sirleaf must waka comot office.

Apart from President, who else Liberia people go vote for?

Voters go also choose lawmakers for 73 seats inside di House of Representatives (wey be di lower chamber). Dis ones go also get six years inside office. This year, no election go happen for di Senate (wey be di upper house).

So when people fit begin vote na?

If you dey among Liberia 2.1 million registered voters, then polling stations go open for 8am and dem go close by 6pm.

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Image example No election go happen dis year for Liberia Senate

How Liberia dey calculate di winner for their elections?

For presidential election, if no candidate get pass 50% of di votes from di October 10 elections, then di two candidates wey carry di highest number of votes go face demself again, where people go need vote. Dis na wetin dem dey call "run-off" election.

For di House of Representatives, di candidate with di highest number of votes na im dem go elect. Dis na wetin dem dey call di " first-past-the-post" system.

Abeg na when results suppose comot?

Wetin dem dey call "official provisional results" fit come out within 48 hours, but na Liberia electoral commission na im get until October 25 to confirm di final result, stamp am for di whole world to hear.

If di country need to do run-off election for President, then na still dis Commission go make di announcement by di same October 25.

If run-off suppose happen, then Liberia constitution say e must be on di second Tuesday after dem bin don announce di final result; na im be say any run-off election suppose be on November 7.

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