Tanzania wan control foreign companies - Dangote

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Image example Dangote na di number 1 richest man for Africa according to Forbes Magazine

Di richest man for Africa, Aliko Dangote, dey vex with Tanzania president, according to di UK Financial Times newspaper.

Aliko Dangote say President John Magufuli plan to collect controlling shares of foreign companies of up to 16% for free dey make investors run comot.

Nigerian businessman Dangote na one of di top investors for Tanzania and im don build $650m (£494m) cement factory for dia.

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Image example Tanzania President John Magufuli a.k.a ''Bulldozer''

Magufuli, wey get di nickname, 'the Bulldozer'', na no-nonsense leader and im don win plenty respect and approval for di way im don fight corruption for Tanzania.

Magufuli don deal with civil and public servants wey no dey perform including hospital management and even ministers.

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Image example Dangote Cement, na di producer of cement for Africa

Another set of people Magufuli dey fight na private companies and investors wey dey do anyhow for Tanzania.

One example na how di Tanzania government don change di mining laws for 2016 because international mining companies dey cheat di taxman.

Two big companies, Acacia Mining and Petra diamonds, dey among di companies wey don reduce dia operations since di change.

Dis no go be di first time Aliko Dangote go get wahala with Tanzania.

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Image example President John Magufuli join to clean im surrounding - outside state house

Last year, Dangote Industries shut down dia cement factory for Tanzania on top expensive electricity bill.

Management for Dangote Industries say na government fault after di before-before government for Tanzania promise to supply cheap fuel wey di new government no gree do.

Some people feel say di way John Magufuli dey drag with im fellow African no good because Dangote don create of jobs for Tanzania and Africa.

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