Ghana dey investigate gas explosion wey kill 7

Dis na where di gas explosion hapen on Saturday evening Image copyright Getty Images
Image example Dis na where di gas explosion happen on Saturday evening

Authorities inside Ghana don begin investigate wetin cause di gas explosion wey kill at least 7 people and wound over hundred others on Saturday night.

E don make am 8 times inside three years wey di country don experience gas explosion.

Tori be say di whole thing happen around 19:30 GMT on 7 October, when one tanker wey bin dey deliver natural gas, catch fire for Atomic Junction area of Accra.

Now people dey ask wetin be di safety guidelines on top di fuel station bizness inside Ghana.

Image copyright Getty Images
Image example Fireman dey spray water on top one tanker for di site where di explosion happen inside Accra

According to Deputy Director Public Affairs for Ghana National Fire Service Billy Anaglate, na indiscipline of people wey dey sell inside fuel station na im dey always cause dis kain palava.

So dis time, Ghana government promise to make tough rules wey go prevent dis kain palava inside di country, but dem never disclose wetin dey inside di rule dem wan carry come out.

Ghana President Akufo Addo go do meeting with members of im cabinet on Thursday to decide di type of rule wey dem go put on top dis matter.

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