Liberia elections: Voting don end

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Liberia Election dey 'historic' - Christopher Fomunyoh

Na with peace, and on top queue wey dey orderly, na im Liberians come out today to vote for new president wey go take over from Ellen Johnson Sirleaf, wey tanda for office since 2006.

Election observer Christopher Fomunyoh tell BBC Pidgin say di elections dey special, as everything go smoothly, and people come out "plenty-plenty."

Dis election na di third one since when civil war end for di country and Liberia don struggle before to change government without fight-fight.

E reach like 2.2 million people wey register to vote, and for di first time, na Liberia own security forces monitor di election, without help from UN peacekeepers.

Ms Sirleaf bin don tell people say make dem make sure say voting dey peaceful.

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Image example Plenty people even old Mama and Papa come out to vote

Di Liberia journey for peace don tay

Dem say one country no fit survive two civil wars but e be like say dat one no concern Liberia as di country don experience two wars wey thousands of people die inside.

Di first civil start for 1989 after Charles Taylor start war against Samuel Doe, di former oga wey use coup enter government for 1980.

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Image example Former warlord Charles Taylor im wife contest as Vice-President

Dat civil war end for 1997 after West African force ECOMOG help di country settle di matter. Charles Taylor na im win election wey dem do that year after di war.

Another civil war start after rebels, di Liberians United for Reconciliation and Democracy (LURD) come rise up against Taylor for di north of di country and another one, di Movement for Democracy in Liberia, show for di south.

Di war end when dem sign di 'Accra Comprehensive Peace Agreement' and dem come do election for 2005.

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Image example Many people die for Liberia for 14 years of civil war.

People dey look future now

Plenty people don hail Ms Sirleaf for di way she take bring peace for di country, even as some people talk say she no try for di fight against corruption and because plenty people still dey poor.

President Sirleaf say "Your vote na for you and your family - no be for party or your tribe," when she talk to di people dem.

But, Liberia still be one of di poorest countries for di world, e pass 50% of di people wey dey suffer poverty.

Image example People dey hope say things go dey normal again as e be before di civil wars wey happen for di country

Di Ebola disease wey happen for 2014-15 kill over 11,300 people.

Di country still dey struggle to provide electricity, job for young people too na major issue.

According to United Nations, young people dey more than 60 percent for di country population, but e reach like 85% wey no get work.

Corruption too na problem for Liberia.

Image example Some women do fasting say make dis election dey peaceful

Liberia rank 90 out of 176 countries wey dey corrupt, according to di report wey Transparency International do for 2016.

Di na some of di things wey Liberians dey think as dem enter polling station today to decide di person wey dem think say fit solve dis problems.

Who di major candidates dem bin be?

Na twenty people wey dey contest to take over from Ms Sirleaf.

Alex Cummings, wey be former oga for Coca-Cola and MacDella Cooper, wey be former model dey among.

Image example Former Coca-Cola oga Mr Cumming fit reach second round of voting

But e be like say di two people wey strong pass na former world footballer of di year, George Weah, wey play for big Italian club AC Milan before and di current Vice-President Joseph Boakai.

Mr Weah, 51, don chose Taylor's former wife Jewel Howard Taylor to be im running mate.

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Image example This na di third time wey Mr Weah dey contest to become president

Ms Sirleaf no gree to campaign for im deputy Mr Boakai and people dey think am whether dem dey fight.

Even Mr Boakai supporters dey use di campaigning slogan: "Our ma [Ms Sirleaf] spoil am, our pa go repair am."

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Image example Mr Boakai don dey as vice-president since 2006

Dem go also do parliamentary elections today.

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