UN World Food Day: Young people go bring change for world farming

World Food Day BBC Pidgin
Image example We ask people wetin World Food Day Mean to dem?

Na young people wey dey inside farm go fit get solution to all di palava wey farmers dey face for world.

Dis na wetin Theo de Jager, president of World Farmer's Organisation tell BBC today, wey be UN World Food Day.

Every October 16 na im be dis World Food Day wey UN dey take promote awareness worldwide and action for those wey dey suffer from hunger.

Different events wey wan put eye for food security and nutritious diet for everybodi dey happen for over 150 countries, and na UN dia Food and Agricultural Organization dey organize all dis one.

Na from Italy Mr de Jager talk well-well about di challenges wey dey face world farming.

Im say: "farming na one area wey dey employ people pass for di world and di one wey dey create more entrepreneurs pass any other thing. Na di pillar of di economy for many countries, especially di countries wey no too get money."

Di oga farmer say na young people under di age of 35 years na im get di solution to challenges like climate change, buying and selling palava and competition wey dey face world farmers.

Dis na because of how dem sabi use information and technology to do things in a different way.

"Di thing wey dey give me hope na di new generation of farmers...dem sabi each other, dem dey always communicate together all over di world, dem dey advice each other."

"If you go to di parts of Africa wey poor pass, you go find farmer dey get mobile phone. Five years ago, we no get dat kind thing," im add mouth put.

Wetin World Food Day mean to you?

Make governments try remember all di pikins dem wey hunger don beat dem sotey na their bone dey show for dia bodi. Di children wey malnutrition don over arrange their bodi sotey dem look like dwarf and some dey die of no-food for North East and North West Nigeria

- Dr Felix Obi

E mean say today na the day wey we dey think about the people wey no see food chop for this life wey we dey...wey hungry dey suffer them well-well.

- Yetunde Ogungbesan Enendu

"Today I go talk am again to my pickin dem say no waste food. Thank your star say your Mama fit give una something to chop go school. Plenty children dey all over the world wey never see chop for three days."

- Oludayo Olorunfemi

Hunger no be good thing. I dey happy say Nigeria don take food matter kakaraka with dis agriculture wey all states dey do now.

- Petra Akinti-Onyegbule

Today na di day wey people go talk how food go take reach everybodi wey no get, how we go take stop to dey troway and waste food, and how we go take dey plan to make di world better for all for where food matter concern.

- Oluchi Ogwuegbu

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