Free roaming calls for W Africa by 2018

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Image example More people don dey use mobile phone well-well for Africa

West Africans fit begin enjoy free Internet roaming from as early as di beginning of 2018.

Na Ministers wey dey in charge of telecommunications and ICT, approve dis one for member countries wey follow join-bodi as di Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS).

Dis one mean say people go fit make free calls, and use Internet for free, when dem travel for inside di region.

Na for press release wey di ministers release na im dem talk dis decision, during their 15th Meeting wey hold for 6 October, inside Praia, wey be di capital of Cape Verde.

Di ECOWAS Commissioner for Telecoms and ICT wey be Isaias Barreto da Rosa say dis regional roaming na historic thing wey go "touch di lives of ordinary ECOWAS citizens," as dem dey try move from "ECOWAS of States to become ECOWAS of people."

Tori be say dis regional roaming law wey dem approve get plan wey go show how di countries go start to do di work from 2018.

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Image example Dis na some of di Ministers wey dey behind di free roaming matter

Na still during dis meeting na im dem join head to reason how countries dem fit increase cyber security for West Africa.

Dis one na to help di ECOWAS countries to develop their national cyber security strategies and help dem start national Computer Emergency Response Team.

Di work plenty, dem go train judges, prosecutors and law enforcement agents to make sure say people and their information for West Africa dey safe online.

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