Wetin dis banker do wey dey make some Nigerians vex?

Dis na one of di pictures wey bin cause di wahala Image copyright Facebook/Aishah Ahmed
Image example Dis na one of di pictures wey bin cause di wahala

E never too tay wey Nigeria President, Muhammadu Buhari, appoint Aishah Ahmad make she come work as deputy governor for Central Bank of Nigeria.

But she don enter people mouth on top social media on top di way she dey dress. And dis one don divide social media into people wey like how she dey dress and people wey no like am.

Ahmad na executive director for Diamond Bank and President Buhari bin pick am make she replace Sarah Alade wey retire from CBN for March after 23 years.

Di 40-year-old Ahmad na native of Niger State for North central Nigeria.

Girls no too dey get chance to go school for dia but Ahmed try for herself.

She carry Bsc for University of Abuja, MBA for University of Lagos and Masters for Cranfield University wey dey UK.

But na di matter of wetin she dey wear cause major palava for social media.

Some Facebook users talk say di way she dey dress no 'represent' Islam well well.

Some people even think say she no qualify for di job.

But many people think say all dis kain talk na distraction for wetin dey really happen for Nigeria.

As di comments dey waka upandan for social media, Gimba Kakanda, wey be writer tell BBC say di people wey dey criticize Mrs Ahmad no try at all.

E talk say di problems wey dey for Nigeria, especially for di north too serious, no be wetin women dey wear people suppose dey worry about.

Ahmed still dey wait make dem confirm am for di Nigerian Senate.