Kenya Election: Wetin dey happen?

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Image example Plenty fight-fight don follow Kenya elections since dem start

Kenya High Court don declare say all di candidates wey fight di 8 August presidential election fit do am again for di repeat election dis month.

Dis dey come one day after di main opposition candidate, Raila Odinga, announce say im don wash im hand comot for di election.

Dis new election na order from Supreme Court wey cancel di result of di August election wey President Uhuru Kenyatta win, say na fraud di election bi.

But Mr. Odinga say nothing don change since, say di Independent Electoral and Boundaries Commission (IEBC) fit make di same mistakes dem do before, for new election.

Meanwhile, parliament don approve di change for election law wey di opposition criticize.

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Image example President Kenyatta dey campaign all over di country dey find support for di repeat presidential election

Election go happen?

Di electoral commission talk say come rain, come sun say election go happen for 26 October.

Dem also add say all di eight candidates wey do di one wey Supreme Court cancel, go do am again, including Raila Odinga wey say im no dey do.

Di commission say for Odinga to fit comot, im must fill some kain forms as law talk.

Before Mr. Odinga announcement yesterday, di repeat election suppose be between him and President Kenyatta wey carry 54% and 45% of di election result.

But now, even as Mr. Odinga don waka, President Uhuru Kenyatta go still get competition from di other candidates, unless all of them waka join.

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Image example Opposition leader Raila Odinga

Why Mr. Odinga pull out?

Mr. Odinga and im party, di National Super Alliance political coalition (NASA), say di change im want for free and fair election never happen and im wan give di IEBC enough time to make di reform for good election.

Di change Nasa bin dey find include:

  • Sacking of all di electoral officials because na dem no do well for di first election for 8 August.
  • Changing di companies wey print ballot papers and supply di voter verification and transmission equipment.
  • International experts wey go work side by side with di IEBC to supervise di IT systems so bad-bad people no go fit rig di result.
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Image example IEBC chairman, Wafula Chebukati dey under pressure from inside and outside.

Which change IEBC don do?

After di supreme court cancel di result of di 8 August presidential election, IEBC chairman, Wafula Chebukati promise say im go change im team but e be like say di other commissioners use strong head no agree for am.

But Mr. Chebukati don appoint special team wey go dey in charge of di repeat election.

But e no dey clear how dis new team go work with di rest of di commission or di kind power dem go get.

IEBC say dem no fit change di company wey supply dis voting equipment because dem already don sign contract with them.

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Image example President Uhuru Kenyatta still dey campaign

Wetin Mr. Kenyatta party don talk?

Di ruling Jubilee Party say dem go continue with di repeat presidential election.

Dem don use more than half lawmakers for parliament to approve some changes to di election law.

Dis changes dey give some people headache because dem believe e no go do anything to prevent future election rigging.

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Image example People go show for di October 26 election?

How Kenya people dey see di whole thing?

Di popular joke for Kenya be say di election don become di excuse for everything.

But even though Kenyans fit laugh about anything, dem no fit run away from di tori say dis election palava na serious mata for di country.

E common make protests dey streets for Nairobi, Mombasa and parts for western Kenya where Mr Odinga dey popular.

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Image example Security go tight ahead of di election

Business people don dey complain say di economy dey dull and people no sure how di future go be.

For one report wey di Kenya National Commission on Human Rights release for Monday, dem talk say 37 people - including one 6-month-old baby girl, one 7-year-old boy, and one 8-year-old girl - die for protest after di 8 August election.

Dem accuse di security forces say dem use plenty force, including live bullets, to stop opposition protests.

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