Dis woman wan help you do safe sex

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'Sex na normal thing'

For Nigeria, e no matter whether you don old reach to do sex; to talk about sex na something wey many people no dey like to do.

Dis hide-hide and shame na why plenty people no dey wan go test demself for sexually-transmitted diseases (STDs); but one woman wan change everything.

"People dey wey ready to have sex without condom, instead of make others for their area know say dem don start to chook," na wetin Florida Uzoaru talk.

"Di thing serious sotay everybodi get story of how dem shame to buy condom or medicine wey dey help woman plan pregnancy."

Ms Uzoaru say na all dis one make her begin her work with Slide Safe.

Di business dey sell STD test kits, condoms and other sexual health products.

Slide Safe get special arrangement wey dey help people test demself for STDs inside their house, or anywhere dem like; dem go deliver di package so dat nobodi go know wetin person buy.

Di way e dey work be say nobodi go fit know the customer result, or laugh dem to say dem bin buy di test for inside shop for their area.

Joshua Okpata na one of dis kain people wey dem don laugh for shop before; when im neighbour bin send am to buy condom.

E tell BBC Pidgin say im dey always run from test, because many doctors and nurses no sabi help person wey come to check if dem get STD.

"If you enter hospital, once you get anything, you go know; di way dem go treat you, e go show."

Mr Okpata say dat na why im decide to buy Slide Safe.

Image copyright Florida Uzoaru
Image example Florida Uzoaru na Public Health Policy professional

Na 60% of new HIV infections for western and central Africa during di year 2015 happen for Nigeria, according to United Nations programme on top AIDS wey be UNAIDS.

Dem say Nigeria still join bodi with South Africa and Uganda, to contribute half of all di new HIV infections inside sub-Saharan Africa wey dey happen every year, even though di country don try well-well to reduce new infections by 35% between 2005 and 2013.

Ms Uzoaru say she start Slide Safe for January, to help people "stop to be danger to other people and demsef."

People dey wey no know wetin dey happen inside dem bodi. Na so dem go waka their own dey go, without knowing whether dem dey infect people with different disease, na dis kain thing we wan stop."

How e dey work?

Slide Safe dey use technology to help people wey dey fear or shame to face doctor or pharmacy wey fit know dem before.

People go order for di test kits dem on top Internet, or with text message. Dem go still pay online, then dem go deliver their load give dem.

Ms Uzoaru go counsel dem on how to use di test with Whatsapp, or Facebook messenger too.

"E mean say we no need to see oursef, and na dis one dey give dem confidence to know their status."

People dey even take picture of their test result; then dem go send am to her, make she check if e correct.

But all dis one no dey take long time to do?

Mr Okpata say yes, e dey tay but e no mind.

"Di first time I need to chook hand with needle plenty times. But e better for me to siddon inside my own house, do dis test well, still come be di first person to know di result."

Slide Safe don dey enter hotels, one nightclub and even at least one university for Lagos.

Uzoaru say she don sell "hundreds" of test kits, but she no go ever sell any one without counselling and follow-up.

People dey shame on top sex sotay I need to change di name of my business to Slide Safe; before, na Sex In A Box I dey call am; and people no dey buy am with free mind.

Image copyright Florida Uzoaru
Image example People dey use social media ask for advise

But more people like Okpata don dey return to use di service.

I dey test myself like every few months," na wetin im talk.

Ms Uzoaru say even though work still dey to fight STD awareness for Nigeria, dis na wetin make her happy pass.

"If more people decide say dem go dey careful, dem take responsibility for their sexual health; then all of us go dey safe."

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