Eleven don die for South Africa storm

Container ship dey block di mouth of harbour for Durban, South Africa, 10 October 2017 Image copyright Blue Security via Reuters
Image example Container ship bin block di mouth of harbour after e move from di place wey dem park am because of flood

Over eleven people na im die after one heavy storm scatter KwaZulu-Natal region for South Africa.

Di storm blow away ships wey dem park come block di harbour so other ships no fit pass.

Di people wey die for di storm na one pickin wey water carry go and two people wey wall fall on top dem for hospital near Durban, di main city for di region.

Supercell thunderstorms na wetin dem dey call storms wey dey form to look like tornado.

Image copyright Rescue Care via Reuters
Image example Motorists dey road for several hours inside di storm wey happen for city wey dey near sea for South Africa

October na month wey rain dey fall pass for Durban.

Image copyright Rescue Care via Reuters

Port authorities talk sadi storm carry three ships comot from water come land on top land.

Image copyright Reuters
Image example Di storm scatter everywhere and cause serious traffic problem for drivers

Di Durban port na im busy pass for Africa but authorities don close am because of di storm.

Image copyright Reuters
Image example Water full everywhere, including King Edward VIII Hospital for Durban

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