Davido and im plenty palava

Nigerian artiste, Davido Image copyright Getty Images
Image example Three people wey dey close to Davido don die for October alone.

Nigerian musician, Davido don make many music memories since im start im career.

Di two AFRIMMA awards wey im win for Dallas, Texas for 8 October na proof say, di boy get talent.

But even with all di better things wey dey happen for im career, e be like say wahala no dey too far from am.

Dis na some of di palava wey don happen for im life.

Davido and im many friends for bedroom

Well, di first matter wey start plenty naked pictures with women for bed na from 2012 wey pictures enter social media. For di photo dem, Davido bin dey sleep when di girl balance, sama herself correct selfie with Davido inside.

Again for 2016, another woman come for social media say Davido sleep with im friend, na im Davido come fire am back.

Di Davido and Dele Momodu matter

Dis matter bin start when Davido and Sophie Momodu, di woman wey born im first pickin, start to dey fight.

Na so Dele Momodu wey be magazine publisher for Nigeria and Sophie uncle enter di matter say no be only am get di pickin

Di fight enter another level when immigration officials stop Davido for airport as im wan travel abroad. Sophie say im wan carry dia pickin travel go.

.Davido come put Momodu matter for mouth take am sing inside song.

Ayomide Labinjo say she get Davido pikin

Even as Davido still dey manage di wahala with im first pickin mama, another person born another pickin for am.

One lady, Ayomide Labinjo comot for local newspaper talk say Davido give am belle and she don born.

Davido talk say e no true and di DNA test wey dem do show say true-true, no be Davido pickin.

Davido people dey shoot anyhow

For August 2017, Police receive report say di police wey dem attach to dey protect Davido dey shoot gun anyhow for Lagos road even as nothing cause am.

Dem arrest di two police officers come put dem for jail make dem take am cool dia head small. Police wan charge them go court.

3 friends die between 4 days

For first week of October, as Davido dey celebrate di fact say im be di first Nigerian artist to do local, African and international tour for inside one year, na so pain come land when im lose im friend Tagbo for 3 October and four days later, two other friends, DJ Olu and Chime follow die.

Police say dem want make Davido come answer question about wetin im sabi for di way Tagbo die.

Davido don talk say im no know anything and everything im know, im don tell police.

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