Cameroon: 'We go investigate di killings'

Cameroon government don promise to put eye well-well, investigate di violence wey happen during demonstrations two weeks ago by people for di English-speaking part of di country.

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Image example Cameroon still get case with Nigeria about how dem dey deport Nigerian refugees go back house

Na human rights group wey be Amnesty International claim say hundreds of people still dey inside arrest, after authorities bin try stop protests from people wey wan separate from di country.

Na today on top radio na im di defence minister announce say dem go start investigation wey go check how di fight-fight turn to serious thing wey be say people lost dia life.

All dis violence bin happen as people for North West and South West Cameroon, take vex enter street, dey halla say government no dey treat dem well.

Dis two regions get more people wey dey speak English - dis one mean say dem be Anglophone regions.

But di government deny say dem use strong hand to control di demonstration dem.

BBC tori person Laeila Adjovi say di number wey authorities gree say die na 10 people; but Amnesty International say na "more than 20 people na im dey unlawfully shot dead" by security forces as dem dey protest.

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Small history about Cameroon

Na still for statement on Friday, na im di organisation add say "at least 500 people still dey under arrest; dem pack dem like sardine inside prison wey full."

Di main opposition party don call for more demonstrations on October 21, say dem wan join hand, support di two regions.

Na 1 October, wey be di anniversary date of when dem join French and English-speaking part of Cameroon together for 1961 na di date wey dis protesters bin wan declare dia independence.

Dis two Anglophone regions bin wan separate on dat day from Cameroon, begin call their own country Ambazonia.

E reach 20% of di 22 million people for Cameroon na im dey speak English.

For many months, English-speaking parts dem don dey protest; di people for there say di French-speakers no dey treat dem well at all.

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