Tony Elumelu wan change business for Africa

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Image example Tony Elumelu na big banker for Africa

Runcie Chidebe, wey dey raise awareness against cancer, dey among di first set of young business people wey go di Tony Elumelu Foundation (TEF) entrepreneurship programme meeting for 2015.

Mr Chidebe say im go dis meeting because im get believe say di kain things im go get from di foundation like money, training and people im fit meet, go help di cancer organisation wey im just start.

Two years don pass and Project Pink Blue wey Chidebe dey run, don begin grow.

Project Pink Blue don help plenty people wey get cancer and di work dem dey do for dia don carry Chidebe travel go plenty countries including Turkey, where im attend di Young Leader at World Cancer Leaders' meeting for Istanbul.

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Image example Runcie Chidebe dey back row for right for di Young Leader at World Cancer Leaders' meeting for Istanbul.

Dis na di kind achievement wey di founder of di Tony Elumelu Foundation Entrepreneurship Foundation, Mr. Tony Elumelu, wan spread for Africa.

Tony Elumelu na one of di richest men for Nigeria.

For 2012, big US magazine wey be Forbes, talk say Elumelu na one of Africa Top 20 most powerful people.

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Image example Tony Elumelu for di US-Africa Business Forum on 'Open Markets: Financing The Africa Of Tomorrow, wey dem hold for Washington D.C, US, for 2014

Di former banker and economist don make plenty money, now im wan chook eye on top how im go make other people for Africa make dia own money and create job.

Elumelu say im go use $100 million support up to 10,000 African businessmen and businesswomen dem for ten years.

Im dey call im idea, 'Africapitalism', wey im dey hope say go open up opportunity for business people for Africa and change di continent.

For dis year meeting from 13 to 14 October, di TEF Entrepreneurship Programme dey expect up to 1,300 African businessmen, business leaders, and government people from 54 countries.

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Image example Dis na question-and-answer time for TEF 2017 meeting

Dis people wey don come from all over Africa get mind to change di problems wey dey dia country.

For di meeting, di people go share idea on how to make and grow money, how to connect with other people wey get mind like them and how to change dia country dem with business.

Tony Elumelu talk say since dem begin di TEF Entrepreneurship Programme three years ago, dem don create thousands of jobs.

Mr Elumelu don tell business people wey don dey tey-tey, make dem no eat all di plenty money dem get alone, im say make dem dey spread am for people wey no get.

Elumelu dey hope say for future African countries go strong by diaself, dem no go need money from international countries before dem fit eat.

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