YouTube don gree allow Swaziland naked dance

Swaziland reed dance Image copyright Getty Images
Image example Dis dance na every year dem dey do am for Swaziland, and King Mswati lll dey use am choose new wife.

YouTube don decide to allow reed dance videos dem from Swaziland to show for dia website.

YouTube bin ban dis kain videos before-before because for dis reed dance wey be cultural dance, women no dey wear shirt or even bra sef.

Reed dance or Umhlanga dey celebrate girls wey dey practise self-control and girls wey never begin dey do sex.

Dis YouTube, na website wey person fit use take share and watch videos for Internet.

One talk-talk person for YouTube, say dem cancel di ban because dis kain videos dey important for culture and tradition matter.

Before-before, when people wan put dis kain videos for YouTube, di website go block am quick, do dat those wey never reach up to 18 years no go fit take eye see am.

YouTube don talk say dem no dey fight with anybodi, say dem no be racist, dem just wan dey careful.

Di way dem change mouth na di work of Lazi Dlamini, wey be di head of TV Yabantu.

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Image example Reed dance dey celebrate girls wey dey practise self-control and girls wey never begin dey do sex.

Yabantu na internet company wey dey do video about culture for Africa.

Dia channel for YouTube wey start for 2016 dey get up to 4,000 new people per month wey dey watch anything dem post.

According to South Africa dem Mail and Guardian newspaper, palava start when YouTube begin dey block some of Yabantu videos.

Tori be say to add pepper to dia wound, YouTube come put announcement for Yabantu website say companies wey wan advertise make dem no come because Yabantu no dey show things wey good.

Na so Mr Dlamini call di Papa and Mama of YouTube, wey be Google, tell dem say na things wey concern culture na im dem dey promote.

But Google just block ear; dem say di company no dey obey dia law.

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Image example Swaziland King Mswati lll as im dey for di reed dance

Mr. Dlamini come organise plenty protests, na more than 200 cultural groups for Swaziland and Durban for South Africa, wey be dia neighbour join hand put.

One sign wey di protesters carry talk say, Google dey do racism.

Another sign say, ''My breasts na bad thing'', na wetin Mail and Guardian talk.

Every year, e pass 40,000 girls and young women wey dey dance for dis big festival for front of di royal palace, and during dis reed dance party, Swaziland King dey choose new wife.

But human rights group don talk say di eight-day celebration no good, say na from old times, wey no suppose dey happen again.

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