Kenya: Student kill six, rape girls for school attack


Five students and one security man don die when one Kenyan student wey dem suspend gather im mates, come attack di Lokichogio AIC Secondary school.

Di attack happen early today, and 18 other people injure.

Di ones wey get small-small injuries dey receive treatment for di Lopiding hospital for Lokichiogio, while those wey carry serious injuries na im dem transfer to Lodwar Referal Hospital.

Red Cross say di boy bin wan kill di head teacher.

Na dis same head teacher for di school say di main attacker na former student wey dem suspend, after im fight with im classmate.

Dem tell di student make im bring im Papa and Mama but e no answer dem.

People wey take eye see everything as e happen say di boy bin sneak back inside school, after midnight with two of im mates.

Dem dey claim say di boys shoot and kill di security man, na so dem come enter di hostel to look for im classmates wey follow am fight.

Di student bin no dey school when all dis one happen.

Na five boys dem kill, and dem still rape two girls.

Lokichogio dey close to di border for South Sudan and Ethiopia; di people for di community wey dey take care of animals dey carry gun.

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