Catalonia don miss deadline to declare independence

Catalan leader Carles Puigdemont Image copyright Getty Images
Image example Catalan leader Carles Puigdemont

Di president of di Spanish region of Catalonia don fail to talk whether or not im don declare independence for Spain.

Government of Spain bin give deadline of 10am this morning for Carles Puigdemont to give dem yes abi no answer - or face direct rule.

But wetin happen na say di Catalan leader write letter reply dem, begin dey ask say make everybodi do talk-talk over di next two months.

Mr Puigdemont bin declare independence last week after vote for independence wey end with violence between Catalan people and police - but im quick-quick suspend di declaration matter.

As dis latest deadline don pass, Spain Justice Minister wey be Rafael Catalá say Mr Puigdemont response "no dey valid," na local news agency Efe report dis one.

Catalonia referendum: Wetin next?

Mr Puigdemont write letter full two pages dey ask for di two months extension time on top im independence waka, to allow for negotiation for dia independence.

Now, di Spain government don conclude say according to di deadline Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy give di Catalan leader, if Puigdemont no fit repeat say true-true im declare independence, dem go give am three days (until October 19) to withdraw wetin im bin declare before.

And if dat time pass without any word from oga Puigdemont, Rajoy say im go begin process to apply Article 155 of Spain Constitution, wey mean say Catalonia region go dey under direct rule.

Image copyright EPA
Image example Spanish authorities face Catalan people for street on 1 October, as dem go vote for independence

Dat one go mean say Catalona no get di freedom wey dem dey enjoy inside Spain now to govern di region as dem like.

But e go take at least some days before dis one fit happen, because di Prime Minister go need to discuss am with im cabinet (and dat meeting na on October 20 e go hold).

After dis one, then Senate go need to discuss and vote on top di matter.

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