Raila Odinga: Wetin Kenyans think about im withdrawal?

People dey watch Raila Odinga talk for television
Image example Plenty Kenya people don confuse as di 29 October presidential election dey near and Odinga say im no do again.

Kenya people talk dia mind on top NASA opposition party presidential candidate, Raila Odinga, decision to comot from presidential contest.

Many Kenya people no happy at all about dis decision but some sha say Mr. Odinga do di correct thing.

Na 10 days remain make di re-run election happen and tension full ground so tey many people dey fear to talk for public about wetin dem think for di palava wey dey happen for dia country.

For inside di ones wey gree talk dia mind, many of dem no happy with Raila Odinga decision say im no do again.

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Kenyans talk dia mind on top Raila Odinga

Some Kenya people dey worry make dis election be like di 2007 own wey 1,200 people die.

Some think say di presidential candidate dey only think of im self, e no just worry about di ordinary people. others talk say e carry dem go many years back. One country person Jimmy, say, "instead of Odinga to dey do campaign like im opponent President Kenyetta, e dey dia dey do protest."

But e still get di ones wey say wetin Mr. Odinga do, good like dat. Dis ones say, no need for am to go do election when na di same same people and di same result go comot.

On Tuesday 10 October, im just wake-up announce say im no do re-run presidential election wey suppose happen on 26 October again.

Until now, Kenya people never sabi whether Odinga go still follow run, abi e no go run. Even as im do announcement, e still no gree fill IEBC Form 24A wey go show say officially e don withdraw.


No be today elections for Kenya don dey get K-leg. For 2007 election, people wey die reach 1,200 and like 500,000 people no get where to stay after di fight-fght wey follow.

Di main thing wey dey cause di wahala na tribe mata. Kenya like other Africa countries to dey play tribal politics, people prefer dia tribe pass dia country.

Since after di country independence for 1963, leaders of political parties no dey fit unite because dem carry tribe put for front. Dis one make am easy for any government wey dey power to fit play divide-and-rule.

Di fight wey follow 2007 election na between three of di biggest tribes Kikuyu, Luo and Kalenjin after election commission declare Mwai Kibaki wey come from Kikuyi tribe as winner for di rigged election.

Di fear now be say Odinga wey come from Luo fit make election no hold for 22 constituencies plus including Mombasa and Kisumu.

Meanwhile President Uhuru Kenyatta and im Kikuyu tribes men fit no gree for di mata and dis one fit cause palava like e bin happen for 2007.

Mr Odinga tell BBC say, peace no go dey for di country until free and fair election process go happen.

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