Monkeypox: Nigeria dey monitor 8 states

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Image example Monkeypox infection no get cure and since dis new cases dem happen e never kill anybody

Nigeria Centre for Disease Control confirm on 16 October say na only three people na im get di Monkeypox virus disease for Bayelsa state, Southern Nigeria.

Dis three na from di 17 people wey dem bin suspect, come rush carry go Niger Delta University Teaching Hospital, Okolobiri, Bayelsa.

Na test wey dem do for WHO Regional Laboratory inside Dakar, Senegal na im confirm say di blood from 12 others from Bayelsa show negative, while two more results never come out.

Di Center say dem still dey monitor 43 other people wey dem suspect say fit get Monkeypox virus inside eight states across Nigeria.

Dis states na Akwa Ibom, Cross River, Ekiti, Lagos, Enugu, Nasarawa, Rivers, and Abuja wey be di capital.

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Lagos dey negative for Monkeypox virus

Na after October 5 di date wey di Nigeria Centre for Disease Control bin announce say dem suspect say Monkeypox virus dey Lagos, na im dem don come with final test result wey show say nothing like that dey for Lagos.

Di center for inside di informate dem carry come out on Monday October 16, say di Monkeypox virus test show negative on top di four people wey dem put eye on top of for Lagos.

Dem still plan to do more test and dem wan use wetin doctors dey call 'genome sequencing' take do di test dem, for Africa Centre for Genomics and Infectious Diseases inside Redeemers University Ede, Ogun state, Nigeria.

"We dey expect say plenty of di sickness dem form other states for Nigeria wey dem report give us, no be Monkeypox virus dey cause am. But we go continue to investigate all of dem," na wetin di center talk.

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Image example Dis photo dey show signs wey you go take know say na monkey pox virus

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