Zimbabwe: Mugabe don ban import of fruits and vegetable to encourage farmers

Water melon for head of young girl Image copyright AFP
Image example Some fruit and vegetable fit dey hard to buy now, after di government ban

Zimbabwe government don stop di importation of products like fruit and vegetables; dem say dis one na to save money for di economy.

Joseph Made, wey be di minister for Agriculture, Mechanisation and Irrigation Development announce say president Robert Mugabe give am order not to dey do import permit again for horticulture products dem.

Dis na things like fruit and vegetable.

Mr Made say dis one na because dem wan save foreign currency and support di agriculture industry to grow well-well.

President Robert Mugabe tell im Minister to start di ban, so dat "di foreign currency wey dey waste on top import of carrots and grapes, na im dem go begin use to buy fertilisers and pesticides."

Di president also wan make rice production dey happen everywhere for di country; Mr Made say di government dey work to reduce di price for 1kg of rice.

"Dis na very good thing for our farmers, we now want make dem dey increase di way dem fit grow crop wey be better quality," na wetin Mr Made talk dis one join.

For June 2017, Zimbabwe bin ban import of grain like maize; dem say na to protect local farmers after dem see say wetin dem dey produce dey enough for everybodi.

For 2016, di country bin no get rain for long time; na dis one make more than four million people need help to see food chop.

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