Kenya: Maasai market na wetin eye must see

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Maasai market Kenya

You enter Kenya, you no enter Maasai market? Your waka never begin be dat.

Di smiling face of di market men and women as dem dey show you wetin dem dey sell and wetin you need buy, na im go first greet you.

Different things wey dem wan sell na im dem dey scatter for ground, as plenty of dem no get table to put something on top.

Dis one must remind you of village market - but dat na di whole idea.

Maasai market no be di kind new-new market wey you dey see everyday for town; some people fit say e no dey shine-shine, but everybodi go gree say di kind tins way dey inside di market go make person open mouth.

Na Maasai women start di market but as years dey pass, di market don grow; now no be only Maasai people dey sell for dis market.

For dia you go see plenty different handcrafts or artefacts - dis na thins wey no too dey common - like paintings, wood work, drawings dem, cloth and local materials, jewelleries and plenty other things.

Everything wey you go find inside di market na made in Kenya, as na di country people do dem with dia own hands.

Maasai market no get particular locations and no be everyday dem do sell.

E dey important to know di day wey you wan go, whether na on Tuesday abi Wednesday for example, then ask where di market go sell on dat day.

Or fit bite finger with regret!

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