China: Communist Party congress don start

Closing ceremony of the Communist Party congress for 2012 Image copyright MARK RALSTON/Getty Images
Image example Di last summit hold for 2012

Di biggest political event for China, wey be di Communist Party congress don start for Beijing with tight security.

Di event na closed-door meeting and e dey happen every five years.

President Xi Jinping don talk to over 2000 delegates to open di meeting. Where im really put mouth na wetin China don do for di last years wey don make dem ''great power for di world.''

Im also draw ear give dem say make dem no copy foreign political systems dem.

Since Xi become president, im don tight im hand around power and im dey move forward pass di former leaders dem wey China don get.

Tori be say many people for China like di man.

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China Communist Congress: See wetin dem ban for Beijing

Wetin people dey expect dis year?

Di summit na to choose who go rule China and di road di country go take for di next five years.

Chinese President Xi Jinping become leader for 2012 and although some changes go happen, expectation na say im go remain di party chief for some time.

When di congress end next week , di party go present di new members wey go make up di Poltburo Standing committee. Dis na China top join-bodi organisation wey dey make decisions about how to guide di country.

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Image example Na since 2012 President Xi dey lead di party

People go chook eye for dis year summit wey be di 19th one for China history, for two reasons.

One be say, Mr Xi go present im scorecard wey analysts go check well-well, to reason which direction China political policy go follow for di next five years.

Number two be say dem go change things for inside di Politburo Standing Committee.

Although people expect say President Xi go still continue and China relations and business with di world no go too change, but im dey in im sixties now.

Na dis one make people dey expect to see di new future leaders, or hear whether one among dem fit take over from Xi in five year's time when dis summit end for inside di Great Hall of di People .

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