Who bi Oxford University first black student?

Cartoon of Christian Cole Image copyright BODLEIAN LIBRARY
Image example Dem draw Christian Cole for different cartoons when im dey Oxford

University of Oxford for UK don honour dia first black student, Christian Cole, wey come from Sierra Leone.

For ceremony wey happen on Saturday, di master of University College, Sir Ivor Crewe, honour Christian Cole "remarkable achievement".

Im say e say hope say di award go be "symbol of assurance say we go recognise and support all students wey dey bright, no matter wetin dia background be."

Christian Cole na person wey be say, when im first enter Oxford to read Classics, everybody go don notice am, according to BBC Marcus Liddell.

Di 21 year old black man from Waterloo, Sierra Leone arrive for Oxford for 1873 and im study with young men wey come from rich families of Victoria England.

Cole na di grandson of slave and di son wey one Church of England minister for Sierra Leone been adopt.

Image example New plaque wey dey honour Christian Cole dey Logic Lane for University College

Im study for Fourah Bay College for di country capital, Freetown, before im go Oxford.

Im be non-collegiate student dia - wey be students wey wan study but no get money for school fees.

Cole been dey get small allowance money from im uncle wey dey support am, and im also make money join from teaching people music.

Cole follow dey part of di University debate society - di Oxford Union, and e be like say everybody know am dat time.

Im die for 1885 for Zanzibar when im be age 33, from smallpox.

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