Nigeria: Why peace dey scarce for Plateau State

Map of Plateau State
Image example Plateau state dey north-central Nigeria

Nigerian Air Force don send fighter jets to Jos, capital of Plateau State for north-central of di country, to support di peacekeeping operation for di state.

President Muhammadu Buhari bin announce say 'dis craze must stop' after attackers target people wey dey hide for one primary school.

Tori be say na at least 29 people die for di attack wey happen for di state for Monday.

Air Force commander, Air Marshal Siddique Abubakar, wey order make dem transfer di jets go Jos, say di L-39ZA and EC-135 aircraft na to provide protection to di peacekeeping forces for di state.

Dis no be di first time Nigeria military go send soldiers to dat part of di country to help maintain peace.

Di attack happen for state wey get long history for dis kind ethnic and religious palava wey don tey.

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Image example Government bin don talk say most of di herdsmen wey dey Nigeria come from neighbouring countries

Why security matta dey always disturb Plateau?

Tension and attack-after-attack don follow di people of Plateau tey-tey.

Plateau na state wey Christians and Moslems dey live side by side.

Who dey in charge of things like land and water for Plateau na one reason wey fit dey cause dis attacks.

Northern Nigeria na dry place where sand from Sahara full ground. Dis dey drive cattlemen wey be mostly Moslems comot from north waka enter go south.

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Image example Sabon layi Primary School Camp wey burn for Jos, Plateau State for 2010.

Christian villages wey get farm, dey complain say di animals wey di cattlemen dey move with, dey spoil dia land and affect how dia crops dey grow.

Another problem na say, di farmers wey get di land dey see cattlemen as 'visitors' even if di cattlemen don live for di area for plenty years.

Fulani leaders dey talk say government no dey treat dem well. Dem claim say things like land, education and even government positions no dey reach dem.

Tensions dey reach level sotey dem don kill more than 10,000 people for di state since di year 2000 alone according to one group wey dey monitor security mata for dia.

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Image example Thousands of women dey protest for Jos on top di plenty attacks wey dey happen for Plateau state, 2010

Some big Plateau State palava as dem happen:

  • September, 2001: Dis na one of di first major fight-fight wey happen for dis region dis century. Di fight-fight begin for Jos, between Christian 'indigenes' and Moslem 'settlers' after one Moslem politician Alhaji Muktar Mohammed get political appointment for di federal poverty alleviation program. Di attack last for one week and hundreds die. Di state governor then, Joshua Dariye, collect plenty vex from di media and public because im travel go abroad, one week before di attack begin even though tension don already dey ground.
  • November, 2008: Riot start on top di result of di Jos North local election on di 28/29 November 2008. Moslems for Jos say na dia candidate win di election wey go give dem control of one of di biggest local government for Plateau state but di Christian governor cancel di election. Dis action wey di governor do start riot wey kill hundreds of people. Human Rights Watch talk say di kain force military and police use to stop di protest too much, at least 130 die for dia hand.
  • January, 2010: At least 200 people die after fight-fight between Christians and Moslems happen for Jos. Dem burn plenty house, mosque and church. Dis palava happen during di time President Umaru Yar'Adua dey get medical treatment for Saudi Arabia. E go be di first time wey Nigeria vice-president Goodluck Jonathan go use im power as acting president to order 24-hour curfew and police to handle di problem.
  • May, 2014: At least 118 die when two bombs explode for di busy terminus market and another one for near di Jos University Teaching Hospital, for di capital city of Plateau State. Na women die pass for dis bombing, wey be one of di worst wey don happen.
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Image example Fight-fight between herdsmen and farming communities don dey common for Nigeria

Last month, di International Crisis Group (ICG) carry one report wey dey claim say di fight-fight wey dey happen for Plateau fit cause serious palava for Nigeria national security.

ICG talk say di palava fit even reach di level of Boko Haram.

Dem say di solution to dis kain palava na things like cooperation and security for inside village, and also special place where cattle fit chop for inside Plateau.

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Image example Fire attack for Moslem shop dealer for Zaria Road, Jos for 2008.

Another thing we de for inside dis tori