Togo protest: Four people die for anti-government demonstration

Protesters dey burn tyre for street for Togo Image copyright YANICK FOLLY/Getty Images
Image example Di people for Togo don dey protest since August, say make President Faure Gnassingbe comot office

Four people die for Togo on Wednesday, and tension full ground as people don dey enter streets again, to demand say make President Faure Gnassingbe waka comot office.

People block road, with vex for Lome to talk say dem wan make government change hand, comot from di 50-year rule of di Gnassingbe family.

Security officials and people face each other for different area for Togo, as police try to stop dem with teargas.

Opposition na im dey lead di protest and dem no change mind on top their decision to come out can protest for two days, Wednesday and Thursday, even as government bin don ban protest during week days.

Dis latest Wednesday protest happen only some days after serious fight-fight for di city of Sokode.

On Tuesday, four people na im die, including two soldiers and two civilians for inside di heavy palava.

Image copyright Getty Images
Image example Protesters dey run from security forces for Togo as dem dey protest

Since August dis year, hundreds of thousands of Togo people don enter street say make power change hand; dem also want make government bring back di 1992 constitution.

Amnesty International wey be human rights group don talk say di situation for Togo fit worse pass as e be right now.

Meanwhile, di opposition no wan hear anything; dem don sign say dem go continue today with di second day of di protest.

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