Zimbabwe: 50 people don apply for hangman job

Prisoners Image copyright Getty Images
Image example Some of di prisoners don go court say di way dem dey wait to die dey against di law

More than fifty people don apply for job to be hangman for Zimbabwe.

Di post no dey occupied since 2006 when di last person for di position bin retire. Di last killing bin happen for 2005.

As at now, 92 people dey wait for death row unto say nobody dey to kill dem, according to di justice ministry secretary Virginia Mabhiza.

Talk dey say former justice minister wey don be vice president, Emmerson Mnangagwa dey against death penalty.

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Image example Dis na di job description, to dey kill people for dis thing

Dis na as im bin miss execution when im bin dey fight for liberation and im don talk say dis kind judgement no fit for human being and make dem comot am.

According to law wey dem touch small for 2012, na only men wey dey between di ages of 21 and 69 and no get mental problem when dem do di crime go fit get death penalty.

Dis na as Amnesty International don dey beg say make dem comot di law as e no good.

For March, fourteen people wey dey death row bin enter court make dem cancel dia death sentence as dem don stay for prison too long.

Dem never talk when dem go pick di new hangman.

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