Malawi: Police arrest 140 for 'vampire' kill-kill

Malawi BBC Pidgin Image copyright Getty Images
Image example Many Malawi people dey live for village areas where dem-say dey quick spread

Police for Malawi say dem don arrest 140 members of vigilante group wey dem suspect of killing nine people.

Lexon Kachama, di inspector general of Malawi Police, tell tori people say di suspects go just accuse people say dem be vampire wey dey suck blood, begin kill dem.

Dis attacks dem begin for middle of September for four districts for south side of di country, where tori be say many people believe in witchcraft.

Na Reuters news agency report say dis week di palava don serious, sotay e spread enter Blantyre, wey be Malawi second-biggest city.

For there, crowd of people burn one person, come stone another one to death on Wednesday.

"We suspect say dis peopel wey we arrest dey behind di kill-kil for Blantyre and other districts, and investigation dey goon," na wetin oga Kachama talk.

Im say police dey do everything wey dem fit, to make sure say di fight-fight no worse pass as e be now, so dat violence no go enter other cities and townships dem.

Tori be say President Peter Mutharika don dey also visit di different parts of di country wey dey affected by di violence.

Di United Nations and di US embassy don already put some districts for Malawi for mind as places wey dey dangerous for their workers and citizens sef.

Na early dis month na im UN comot their workers from two areas for south side of Malawi.