Nigeria: Monkeypox rumour don make 37 schools close for Borno State

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Image example Nigeria Army say dem dey find who start di rumour

One rumour say Nigerian Army dey enter some schools for Borno State, north-east of di country to go give school children by force monkeypox vaccination don make di government close 37 schools.

Di rumour wey begin spread from social media cause plenty kakatata as parents begin fear say di vaccine fit kill dia pickin. Na dat one make dem begin rush go schools to carry dia pickin go house.

Some schools close dia gate as dem no gree let di parents carry pickin go.

Di Borno State government announce say di katakata wey di rumour cause na im make dem close 37 public primary schools for Maidugiri.

Nigeria: Army wan launch new operation

Monkeypox: Wetin you suppose know

Di state government say dem no go open di schools until dem finish investigation on top di matta.

Alhaji Shettima Kullima wey be di chairman of di State Universal Basic Education Board (SUBEB) talk say di rumour no dey true and nobody dey give any school pickin monkeypox vaccine for Borno State.

Kullima say na people wey just wan find trouble dey spread di rumour.

Wetin start dis rumour?

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Image example Some people fear say di army wan use vaccination take wipe out di south-easterners.

Na for 12 October wahala start when people for di south-east and south-south region of Nigeria begin go carry dia pickin from schools, after rumour spread say army wan chook students injection wey get monkeypox virus.

E never too tey when army finish dia 'Operation Python Dance' for south-east Nigeria wey dem use tackle people wey dey ginger for di Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB).

Some people feel say di army wan use dis fake monkeypox vaccination take reduce di population of di south-easterners.

Di rumour spread reach everywhere for most of di states wey dey dis region and e cause plenty confusion.

Na wicked and fake rumour - Army

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Image example Di Nigerian army say dem don already dey gather informate about di people wey start di rumour.

Di Nigerian Army don warn say dem go deal with di people wey dey spread di rumour say soldiers wan give school pickin monkeypox vaccine.

Di army say if dem find di rumour mongers, dem go arrest dis people wey dey spread dis kain "wicked and fake" rumour.

Major Ojo Adelegan wey be di Army Public Relations Officer deny di rumour say nothing like dat dey happen.

Adelegan talk say im dey happy say di students don resume school again for di southern part of Nigeria.

Nigeria Federal Government don follow tell people make dem ignore di rumour, say army no dey do anything like dat.

How dem suppose do correct vaccination?

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Image example Monkeypox no get any cure for now.

Some parents say no be new thing to do vaccination for school pickin dem but di school dey always send letter give before dem start di program.

Dis fit be wetin cause di confusion as e no dey clear whether di parents get letter about any vaccination program.

Ifeanyi Nsofor wey be doctor and publisher of Nigeria Health Watch talk say dis kain thing don happen before for northern Nigeria when people carry rumour say dem wan use free medical care take chook people injection wey get HIV.

Nsofor talk say if at all anybody wan do free vaccination, make dem follow di community and religious leaders talk well well.

Dis wan go make people for di community know wetin dey happen.

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