Mozambique: Vampire rumour don cause riot

Map of where Gile dey for Mozambique.
Image example Gile na very poor area for Mozambique wey civil war affect well well.

Rumour of vampire and sucking of blood don cause serious riot for Mozambique.

As police dey try stop di riot, stray bullet hit one pickin for Gile town wey dey for Zambezia.

Di riot serious sotey administrators for Gile district don run comot for di area.

Authorities na di main target of di people wey dey riot because dem believe say government dey protect di vampires.

Dis vampire rumour enter Zambezia from Malawi where dem don kill eight people wey dem suspect say dem be vampire.

Dis rumour wey start for middle of September don make government for Malawi declare say nobody fit waka for night for southern part of di country.

Who dey kill 'vampires' for Malawi?

Malawi: Police arrest 140 for 'vampire' kill-kill

Abdul Razak wey be di provincial governor for Zambezia explain say di wahala start when some group of people wey dey stay di area use vex go burn two houses of some community leaders and one prison oga.

Governor Razak say na di third time dis year wey people dey carry dis rumour of vampire for central and northern Mozambique where plenty people dey do juju.

Image copyright Frank Kandu
Image example Dis woman dey tell people for one event for Mulanje area of southern Malawi say she be victim of vampire and blood sucking.

Some people don come out to say dem be victim of vampire and blood sucking. Dem believe say some people dey suck dia blood to use am do blood money.

No medical report don come out to show say anybody suck dia blood.

Image copyright Frank Kandu
Image example For Phalombe district, dis man say im be victim too.

BBC tori person Chakuchanya Harawa talk say people dey fear to sleep for dia house so dat vampire no go come bite dem.

United Nations and some non-governmental organisations don carry dia workers comot for di area where dis rumour dey hot.

People dey kill anybody wey dem suspect as vampire come even scatter dia houses join.

Di Mozambique president Peter Mutharika don begin visit di areas wey dey affected to promise people say dem go put eye for di matta.

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