Cameroon: Government action fit make people carry gun - Group

Soldiers wey carry gun Image copyright AFP
Image example Cameroon government bin send 1000 extra security go di English-speaking regions before 1 October 2017

Di International Crisis Group (ICG) don draw ear give Cameroon government say di way dem dey use treat di crisis for some regions of di country fit make people carry gun.

ICG wey be non governmental organisation, say di way government dey take handle issues for di Anglophone regions of di country, don fail, and go only make di people ginger more for independence.

For report wey dem release, ICG say Cameroon President Paul Biya, must act with speed to find serious political solution to di wahala, and say e dey crucial make international community strong mouth talk about di violence wey happen there.

"If him (Biya) wan avoid make people carry gun for di Anglophone regions, wey go affect di Francophone zone, di president must to leave to scratch on top dis mata, go deep-deep in order to solve am."

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Image example President Biya bin follow condemn di violence wey happen for di English-speaking regions of di country

For 1 October, groups for southern-Cameroon give one statement say dem don declare 'symbolic' independence for di state of Ambazonia.

As dis groups bin dey prepare for di declaration on 1 October, Cameroon authorities bin send security forces go di area, wey according to ICG "use too much force take scatter dem".

According to wetin ICG talk, e lead to at least 40 deaths and over 100 people wey injure for di protest wey happen between 28 September and 2 October.

Dis report dey come out three days after Cameroon Prime Minister Philemon Yang begin one visit go di Northwest Region, wey be one of di two Anglophone areas wey di katakata dey happen.

Dis na part of wetin dem call "dialogue" with di English-speaking minority.

Im travel go Bamenda, di main regional town, where im meet di heads of trade unions for transport, education and shopping sectors, as well as with bankers and other business figures, according to wetin Cameroon Radio Television (CrTV) talk.

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