Nigeria: Corruption don land civil servant 70 years for prison

Kebbi state, North-West Nigeria
Image example Kebbi state, North-West Nigeria

Court of Appeal for Nigeria don carry 70 years prison time dash Mohammed Arzika Dakingari, wey be di accountant general for Kebbi State, on top corruption mata.

Di court agree with di Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC) say Mr. Dakingari and another man use wayo collect government money of up to N1.6billion.

Di EFCC prove say Mr. Dakingari and Musa Yusuf, wey be di managing director, for Beal Construction Nigeria Limited, use dis company carry government contract give diaself.

Mr. Dakingari na di owner of Beal Construction Nigeria Limited but civil service law no dey agree make government workers own or control commercial companies.

Di court, give am seven years for prison for each of di 10 charges wey dey im head, and im go serve all di same time. Dat one mean say na seven years im suppose spend for prison.

When dem bin first carry dem go Kebbi High court, di judge convict and sentence Mr. Yusuf to six months prison but e allow Mr. Dakingari waka say im no get any case to answer.

Di EFCC no dey satisfied with dis result, so dem carry di case go Court of Appeal.

Na there EFCC prove say na Mr. Dakingari and Mr. Yusuf dey control di two bank accounts wey di company get.

Between May 2012 and September 2013, di bank accounts for di company show say di office of di accountant-general and di Kebbi State Ministry of Finance transfer up to N1.3billion.

Some of di contracts wey Beal Construction Company do for di state, wey dem collect plenty money for include:

  • Furniture wey dem supply to 66 secondary schools for Kebbi State wey cost N987million;
  • Water and drainage system for di Kebbi Central Mosque wey cost N110million;
  • Building of di Mohammed Maira Secondary School wey cost N247million.

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