Kenya: Three days to election and palava full everywhere

Na three days remain for Kenya presidential re-run election and di kind tension wey dey ground, knife go fit cut am.

Every-every day, riot police don full ground with dia gun ready for fight.

Meanwhile, e reach 12 different court case wey concern di election, wey dem never still settle.

As all dis one dey happen, Kenya dey plan to repeat dia presidential election on 26 October.

Di plenty palava don make plenty people dey wonder whether election go happen abi e no go happen?

Others say if e happen, e go pure abi e no go pure?

People say dia life no safe

Protests dey happen everyday for different parts of di country, especially for di areas wey opposition leader Raila Odinga dey popular.

Even though dis ones suppose be "peaceful" demonstrations, na police, tear gas and real bullets dey end most of di anti-government protests.

Police don arrest plenty protesters and tori be say some, including pickin dem don die sef inside di protest.

For Kisumu county wey be one of Mr Odinga strong base, on 18 October, some election commission field officers wey dey do training bin run for dia life.

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Image example Judith Omondi dey dry as dem dey bury her husband Stephen; im be one of three men wey die after police and protesters clash, on 20 October for Bondo, Kenya.

Tori be say Kisumu senator Fred Outa carry some people go pursue dem comot from where dem dey do di training.

Na dis same electoral officers suppose conduct election for dia on Thursday.

Sabi people say dis one confirm former election commissioner Roselyn Akombe talk for inside her letter, wey say some field officers dey complain say dem no feel safe, especially for four counties wey be Nairobi, Kisumu, Siaya and Homa Bay.

Business sef dey complain too

E never tay wey Kenya National Chambers of Commerce and Industry (KNCCI) president, Kiprono Kittony, say if dis situation no change, di country economy go collapse.

M Kittony say share prices bin fall well-well, after commissioner Akombe resign.

Tori be say as things dey now, investors no get trust for di Kenya market at all.

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Image example Opposition leader Raila Odinga say im no go contest dis week elections as things no smooth.

How e take reach here?

All dis palava begin with Kenya Supreme Court wey cancel August 8 election sake of say e no pure. Court say make dem repeat am for 17 October; later dem move am go October 26.

As if dat one no do, opposition presidential candidate Raila Odinga wake-up one morning say im no do again.

Na so electoral commissioner Roselyn Akombe leave work wey dem send her go for Dubai, run go New York, US, before she send resignation say her life dey for danger.

Di two main parties wey be Jubilee and Nasa (National Super Alliance) no gree on top di electoral commission matter.

Election must happen 26 October

For inside all dis things wey dey happen, di country president Uhuru Kenyatta say election must happen for 26 October.

People tell BBC Pidgin say even if election happen, e go solve all di many palava - including tribal hatred - wey di campaign don cause?

Dem feel say as things dey, e go dey difficult for anybody wey win president to rule country wey don divide.

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