Militants don kill 50 Egyptian security forces for desert

Egypt Image copyright AFP
Image example Egypt security forces die for attack for Islamist militant hideout

More than 50 Egyptian security people die after dem clash with suspected Islamist militants.

Di militants dem attack di group for dia hideout near Bahariya Oasis for Western Desert, na wetin government talk.

Security forces been go di desert after dem get information about di hideout. Fifteen militants also die for di attack.

Egypt dey fight Islamist militants for northern Sinai region.

Di Bahariya Oasis where dis attack happen, dey between hundreds of kilometres for south-west of di wahala region.

Di Islamist group wey dey active for di area never come to claim say na dem do am.

One security source talk for local news say militants attack dia convoy with grenades wey dem put for rockets and also use bomb.

Di situation come worse for di security forces because di attackers sabi di area as di commanding officer no fit call for land and air support because of bad network for desert.

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