Niger: US Senators dey drag Trump

Niger soldier for IPD camp Image copyright Getty Images
Image example E never still clear who kill di US soldiers

US Senators don draw ear for President Donald Trump, say im government no dey open mouth, talk everything wey dey ground about wetin US soldiers dey do for Mali.

Dis na after four American soldiers die; di lawmakers say dem want more answers about how di US dey operate for di west African country.

One of di lawmakers wey dey shout on top dis matter pass na Senator John McCain, wey come from di same party as President Trump. Im don dey drag di country security authorities dem wey be di Pentagon on top di killing of di soldiers, and everything wey concern di US fight-fight with terorists for Niger.

Republican Senator Lindsey Graham and Democratic Senate leader Chuck Schumer talk for different-different interview say dem Senator John McCain well-well, because dem two bin no know say US get plenty-plenty soldies for Niger, and e look like di country go tanda for Niger for some time.

"I no know say we get 1,000 military people dem for Niger," na wetin Graham tell US media.

"Disna war wey no dey end, wey no get boundary and no time or place where e go end...dem need to tell us more, and im (McCain) dey right to say all dat one."

Defense Secretary Jim Mattis bin talk on Friday say di military dey shift dia fight against terrorists to focus more on top Africa."

Na di attack early dis month wey US officials believe say local group wey join bodi with Islamic State commit. don make eye full di country waka inside Niger.

Senator Schumer say im sef dey wait for more answers from di military dis week.

"I dey ground for say we go look dis matter again. Easy answer no dey at all but we need to look am well-well. Di answer wey we get now no dey enough," na wetin im talk.

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